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The report on Budgetary and Economic Statistics contains statistics on a wide range of subjects covering a number of years. Part 1 contains government budgetary statistics. Part 2 contains economic statistics mainly on the Irish economy with some comparisons with other international economies. A monthly bulletin is also provided giving updates on budgetary and economic statistics. Links


The budgetary and economic statistics report and the monthly economics bulletin are compiled by the Department of Finance Budget, Taxation & Economic Division from statistics produced by the Department of Finance, the Central Statistics Office and other sources.


National economic activity and government budgets and finance.



Reference period

Calendar year and 31 December (annual), varying dependent on the statistic (monthly)

Start date

2003 (annual), January 2002 (monthly)


Nine months after the end of the reference period, with estimates relating to the current year (annual), varying dependent on the statistic (monthly)


  • Thematic report
    These reports contain statistics from a variety of sources with diverse classifications. The StatCentral portal documents, in separate entries, the particular statistics covered from the Department of Finance, the CSO or other official sources.


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